Sweet Savannah

With summer underway we are in prime travel season, so I thought I would share about one of my most favorite places on earth, in case you need some inspiration for where to travel to. If you aren’t dying to see Savannah after this post then it is only because my words did not do it justice. I am convinced once you go to Savannah it will leave a piece of itself in your heart and you will long to return.

Savannah, there is simply no place like it. The tea is sweet and the words are long. The air is warm and heavy with humidity. The sun shines in all its glory and torrential down pours come out of nowhere. The thunder and lightning can shake you to your core and send you running for cover. The Spanish moss that hangs from the tree line streets takes you back in time. You get the feeling that Savannah has wisdom to it; there is a history full of mystery and secrets around every corner. I fell in love with Savannah the moment we drove in, it has bewitched me and I have no plans of trying to escape its enchantment.

Trying to unpack the beauty and wonder of Savannah in one post would be impossible, my next three posts will be what I am calling the Savannah Spotlight, I will be sharing all the fantastic things that we have gotten to do and see there.

I have to start with our favorite place to eat and it just so happens to provide amazing entertainment as well, the Pirates’ House located on East Broad Street in the historic section of Savannah. The Pirates’ House has been in existence since 1753, its location across from the Savannah River made it a perfect stop for, and you guessed it, PIRATES!  It was an inn and gathering place for the blood thirsty pirates of the 7 seas.  It is also claimed to be one of the most haunted buildings in Savannah. One of the most popular ghost stories is that of Captain Flint from the novel Treasure Island. It is rumored that he died in the room upstairs and his spirit still haunts the Pirates’ House to this day. Employees and patrons alike have told stories of sensing his presence. Whether you believe it or not, (I mean Captain Flint is in fact a fictional character), it adds a fun element to the establishment. They have people in pirate costumes that walk around telling the ghost stories, it’s a lot of fun for both kids and adults.

Speaking of kids they have a children’s menu with a great selection that will please even your pickiest scallywag. The menu also comes with a punch out pirate hat complete with a mustache and hoop earring, my children always enjoy sporting their pirate gear. Upstairs is a gift shop filled with a little bit of everything. They have pirate swords and pistols, t-shirts and cook books. It definitely offers a little something for everyone and it’s a great way to pass the time if you’re waiting for a table. WORD OF ADVICE: GET A RESERVATION, it is a popular place to eat and it fills up quickly!

Now for the greatest treasure to be found at the Pirates’ House, the FOOD! Oh man let me tell you if you are looking for some tasty southern cuisine, then the Pirates’ House is the place for you. I always get a sweet tea, which of course is nice and sweet the way it should be in the south. My hubs go to is the mint julep, and it too does not disappoint. They start you out with delicious melt in your mouth made from scratch buttermilk biscuits. These biscuits are served with an orange flavored butter and an orange marmalade. Let me tell you the first time I tasted this, this born and bred Yankee girl became a southerner.  They could keep those coming and I would be satisfied, but of course there is even more goodness to be found. We love, love, love their burgers. They are fresh and tasty. I always get the potato salad on the side and it is perfection. You really can’t go wrong with any item on the menu, it’s all divine.

So if you ever happen to find yourself in Savannah be sure you make the Pirates’ House your go to food destination, I promise you will not be disappointed.


In the Word

Do you ever feel that there are simply not enough hours in a day? I mean seriously sometimes the number of tasks that we attempt to accomplish in a given day can be ridiculous. I have come to accept that fact that I am not super woman and I cannot do it all. There is something so freeing in coming to that realization. I know that it is unrealistic for me to try to do the following in a given day: spend time reading my bible and in prayer,  working out, making a homemade breakfast for my kids, packing them delicious organic lunches, keeping my house pristine and staying caught up on all the household chores, making sure the kids have a healthy after school snack waiting for them when they get off the bus, making them a made from scratch dinner, and so, so, so many other things that the thought of listing anymore is exhausting me.  In addition to all of this I need to be a stellar wife, and try to find “me” time somewhere in the midst of all this chaos. Trying to do all that is setting yourself up for failure, and something will eventually give, more than likely it will be your sanity.

My purpose in staring this blog was to make myself be intentional with my time, and to focus on what is most important. I took a step back and reflected on what was missing in my life, and for me my relationship with God was suffering. I was so caught up in so many other things that I left the thing that is most important fall to the wayside. I knew that nothing else on my list mattered more than this, because I know that when I’m right with God and living for him, everything else on my never ending list will fall into place.

We recently started attending a new church and the Pastor gave an amazing 20 minute step-by-step guide to help make the most of your time with God. For a list maker and scheduler like me, it has been a huge help. I thought I would share it here and maybe it can help someone else reconnect with the things that really matter, or rather the ONE who really matters.

  • Listen to or sing a worship song, my go to is the Switchfoot Pandora station.
  • Read a verse (or chapter from the Bible).
  • Reflect on the verse, I usually write down the verses that stand out to me and write why they did, or what I need to learn and apply to my own life.
  • Write out one thing to know and one thing to do based on what you read.
  • Pray

“Let us not get tired of doing what is right, for after a while we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t get discouraged and give up.” Galatians 6:9

Mother’s Day Celebration

This weekend was amazing, I was lucky enough to have my birthday fall on Mother’s Day this year, which means double the celebration for me, yay! My hubby and kiddos spoiled me and loved on me all weekend. I am truly one blessed lady. One of my favorite parts of Mother’s Day was going to the Blue Willow Tea Room located in the Historic Old Towne Petersburg.  There is such a charm that is evident

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from the outside of the tea room, located in a down town brick building it transports you back in time. There are a number of antique shops nearby that you could spend the day getting lost in. Upon entering the Blue Willow you are immediately greeted and made to feel welcome. The inside décor is quaint, with tea pots that are available for purchase lining up on old hutches. There are tables that make you feel like you’re sitting in grandma’s formal dining room (but in a totally good way).  The charm and hospitality that radiates from the Blue Willow makes you feel completely at home. I could spend all day there sipping on tea and getting lost in a good book.

Amazingly enough my kiddos loved it as well and actually behaved the entire time, except for maybe using way too many sugar packets, but I think that is to be expected. The menu offers a variety of tea selections and tea sandwiches and soups. We enjoyed three different types of tea, a Wedding Tea, Earl Grey, and my daughters favorite Chocolate Strawberry.  The hubs and I also ate a delicious butternut squash soup. It was both earthy and rich in flavoring.  Then they brought out a tower of tea sandwiches and desserts. There was so much yumminess!

My absolute favorite part was the scones. They were seriously fantastic, the perfect texture and flavor.  The BEST part is the scones are served with fresh jam and Devonshire cream. If you’ve ever read a classic British novel you’ve probably come across Devonshire cream (and if you haven’t then shame on you, and go to the library and start reading!) it is rich, creamy, and has the slightest amount of sweetness. Seriously, this stuff is so good I wanted to bathe in it.

The time spent at the Blue Willow was both a treat for my taste buds and relaxation for my senses. If you are ever in the area be sure to stop by, you won’t regret it.


Is this a bad word in your household? Do you too hold your breath when your children come through the door after getting off the bus in anticipation of how heavy their homework load is for the night? Or should I say how heavy your homework load is?  We moved in the middle of the school year, and in Virginia there is no Common Core, we have SOL’s (great term huh?) The Standard of Learning, to my understanding is that any child in Virginia will be learning the same thing no matter where in the state that they attend school. So our transition should have been an easy one right? (Insert laughter and eye rolling.) Surprisingly enough it was not!

My children went from a school where their teacher’s policy was no homework. They backed it up with studies showing that homework does not help the child to progress or retain the information, so all they were supposed to do at night was read for twenty minutes. I’m not going to lie, it was AWESOME! Not having to worry about getting homework done before practices or meetings was fantastic. We had so much more family time and I loved it. There was however, a small voice in the back of my head that worried whether or not they would be behind when we moved. That voice was of course dead on. To be fair my oldest was not behind, he does fantastic. Seriously the kid is an academic rock star, so no worries there. My middle child was ever so slightly behind in math, but nothing unmanageable. My youngest however was REALLY behind. It was a struggle the first few weeks. She went from no homework to a packet of homework due every Friday, as well as additional sheets to complete throughout the week, spelling tests, and flash tests. In addition to all of that she had to learn cursive, something that was not taught at here previous school, (neither was spelling). It was a shock for her; there were tears, hers and mine. At first I was a bit angry, how could two schools within the same state have such vastly different approaches to their curriculum? (Seriously if you know the answer to this please enlighten me!) Time passed and she adapted, and she caught right up to where she should be. She’s growing in ways academically that she had not been before.

So with some time and perspective I’ve gained appreciation for the homework. Not that there isn’t still the occasional blood, sweat and tears involved, but it’s getting better. I think homework is great and is definitely needed (at least for my kiddos). And it really helps them to be busy with a purpose (see what I did there?)  So parents what are your thoughts on homework? Is it beneficial or strictly a pain in the butt?

“Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.”

Well Hello, thanks for coming by. I thought I would use my initial post to tell you a bit more about myself and my purpose for this blog. Fist things first, I’m completely new to blogging! It’s honestly a bit intimidating, and I am learning that I am not as tech savvy as I thought I was. So please bear with me as I navigate this fun new world!

So I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time now and finally decided to go for it. This blog is selfishly for me, don’t get me wrong I would LOVE to have followers, and I do hope that something I post will be of use to someone, but if I’m the only one getting anything from this then I am totally okay with it.

Here’s a little more about me, I’m 30 years old (weeks away from 31, yikes!) I have been married to my husband for 12 years, we are high school sweethearts that are still going strong. I have three fantastic children who are ages 11, 9, and 8. I am in the process of finishing my associates degree (this has been a LONG process, but I’m nearing the finish line!) My hubby is in the US Army, so we move…A LOT.Blog pic 4

I want this to be a place where I, and hopefully others can find meaning and fulfillment in the everyday tasks that life throws our way. I hope you will take time to focus on things that matter most in life. I believe so many people just seem to exist nowadays, they aren’t living! This blog will hopefully show there can be meaning to everything that we do. From sharing scripture, parenting and marriage experiences, traveling, and of course some yummy recipes, I hope I can show you how to be busy with a purpose!