Mother’s Day Celebration

This weekend was amazing, I was lucky enough to have my birthday fall on Mother’s Day this year, which means double the celebration for me, yay! My hubby and kiddos spoiled me and loved on me all weekend. I am truly one blessed lady. One of my favorite parts of Mother’s Day was going to the Blue Willow Tea Room located in the Historic Old Towne Petersburg.  There is such a charm that is evident

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from the outside of the tea room, located in a down town brick building it transports you back in time. There are a number of antique shops nearby that you could spend the day getting lost in. Upon entering the Blue Willow you are immediately greeted and made to feel welcome. The inside décor is quaint, with tea pots that are available for purchase lining up on old hutches. There are tables that make you feel like you’re sitting in grandma’s formal dining room (but in a totally good way).  The charm and hospitality that radiates from the Blue Willow makes you feel completely at home. I could spend all day there sipping on tea and getting lost in a good book.

Amazingly enough my kiddos loved it as well and actually behaved the entire time, except for maybe using way too many sugar packets, but I think that is to be expected. The menu offers a variety of tea selections and tea sandwiches and soups. We enjoyed three different types of tea, a Wedding Tea, Earl Grey, and my daughters favorite Chocolate Strawberry.  The hubs and I also ate a delicious butternut squash soup. It was both earthy and rich in flavoring.  Then they brought out a tower of tea sandwiches and desserts. There was so much yumminess!

My absolute favorite part was the scones. They were seriously fantastic, the perfect texture and flavor.  The BEST part is the scones are served with fresh jam and Devonshire cream. If you’ve ever read a classic British novel you’ve probably come across Devonshire cream (and if you haven’t then shame on you, and go to the library and start reading!) it is rich, creamy, and has the slightest amount of sweetness. Seriously, this stuff is so good I wanted to bathe in it.

The time spent at the Blue Willow was both a treat for my taste buds and relaxation for my senses. If you are ever in the area be sure to stop by, you won’t regret it.

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